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I cover the following Wirral area's of:

Heswall, Gayton, Parkgate, Pensby, Irby, Thingwall, Barnston, Thornton Hough, Greasby, Caldy.


Dog Walking


With many fantastic places to take your dog on the Wirral. I provide either individual or group walks (complying with the legal limit set in Wirral). I will collect and drop off your dog at your home and take them on our favourite nearby walks. On or off lead walks are offered according to your preference, tailored to suit their age, nature and energy level. Having smaller groups allows me to build a bond with your dog and for them to get the most out of each session.


My mission is to make each walk the highlight of your dog's day so that they feel they have been Treated With Love.


Pet Visits


Home visits are available for all domestic pet's which includes, feeding, giving fresh water, cleaning litter trays, cleaning out or replenishing bedding and letting dogs out into the garden.
A pet visit at your home can be booked for half an hour or more if required for some fun and playtime or even a short walk.


I am happy to take the bins out, water indoor or outdoor plants, clean up any accidents, and keep areas around your pets tidy.

Within strict guidelines I am also able to administer most medications to pets.


Dog Sitting


Whether it's going on holiday, business trips or unexpected events, "Pets Treated With Love" provide a service which will keep your dog calm and happy. I will stay at your home so that your dog is in a familiar environment enabling them to maintain their normal routine where they feel safe and relaxed. An extra benefit of this is you that you will have a house sitter during your time away and your home will be well looked after.
If you wish your dog pictures can be sent to you, it's a nice way to have piece of mind and feel connected to your dog and see what they have been up to whilst you are away.


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